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Friday, February 06, 2004 :::

In keeping with our established reputation as being three of the most romantic,
sensitive and well adjusted men in the greater New Orleans area, The
Boondoggles will perform on Valentines day at the world famous Rivershack
Tavern on the historic River Road. It's better than a Honeymoon Suite at
Niagra Falls, and no cover charge! We hope to see all of you there.

Events of recent days have really driven home to those of us in The Boondoggles
the importance of luck, hard work and timing. At this point there's really no
point in trying to keep secret the fact that WE had been working on a "costume
reveal" to be incorporated into this very important show. In fact, we'd even
had our share of "wardrobe malfunctions" in rehearsals. Now we've been
upstaged and beaten to the punch by Janet and Justin. We've faced a lot of
adversity as a band, but this has almost been as tough as when we
wrote "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight", only to have it stolen and made into a
hit by somebody else. I guess the only bright spot is that we hadn't yet
settled on who had to wear the silver sun shaped piece of jewelry held in place
by a body piercing, and as such nobody in the band has holes in his body where
no holes should be...

But I digress. In addition to being Valentines Day, February 14th is also the
first Saturday night of parades in New Orleans, so we expect everybody to be
well oiled and laden with beads. Remember, he who dies with the most beads
wins. And you can't take it with you - so do the math on that (I, personally,
was told there would be no math on this exam).

Have I mentioned that I've been drinking? Ah, life in New Orleans.

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A collection of all things in and around the World of The Boondoggles (Archives are to the right)

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