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Monday, May 19, 2003 :::

Keeping with our usual form, we started out strong with this thing, but the combined effects of Lent and our preternatural laziness have led to approximately 10 weeks of nothingness here on the Blog.

Well, we've been busy. Writing new songs, going to ALL EIGHT DAYS of Jazzfest (raise the bar?, take that you m*&%$!), and getting ready for our fantastic May 24th show at the world famous Rivershack Tavern.

Some new music you need to check out:

The Continental Drifters, one of the great American bands of all time, have released what was their original album recorded back in 1993. This record pre-dated the Susan Cowsill - Vicki Peterson era (steady boys) and is worth buying for lots of reasons, not the least of which is "Side Steppin' The Fire", one of the absolute drop-dead brilliant songs of all time. You can learn more and pick up a copy here: The Continental Drifters Website

Chris Whitley is a songwriter and guitar plafyer without peers, due to the fact that NO ONE sounds anything like him. Whitley plays Dobro resonator guitars from the 1920s and 1930s in delta blues slide guitar tunings - except he doesn't play the blues. Instead he writes brilliant, spare, utterly modern sounding songs that are elegant, inspired, and captivating. You should check out his new album, "Hotel Vast Horizon", and pick up "Dirt Floor" and "Live at Martyrs" while you're at it. Click Here.

As I recover from a truly blue Monday, more posts will follow. In the meantime, be inspired.

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A collection of all things in and around the World of The Boondoggles (Archives are to the right)

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